Episode 30: Exercise is Medicine (Part 1)

We all know exercise is good for you. We exercise to be healthy, have fun and look good. But did you know exercise is actually medicine? Exercise doesn’t just prevent disease; it can help treat and reverse disease as well.

This is the first of a 3-part series by Pathways medical director Dr George Cho on exercise as medicine. This segment explores how exercise is important for prevention of disease.


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Exercise is Medicine.org (American College of Sports Medicine)
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The Lifestyle Is Medicine podcast is produced by Pathways to Wholeness Lifestyle Medicine in Toronto, Canada. Pathways is a medical centre that promotes wholistic health through lifestyle medicine. Pathways provides compassionate, evidence-based medical care at two clinics in Toronto: the North York Lifestyle Medicine Clinic and Junction Lifestyle Medicine Clinic. Learn more at: www.pathwaystowholeness.ca

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