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Naturopathic and lifestyle medicine
Book an appointment to see our naturopathic doctor.

Nutrition consultations
Book an appointment to see our Nutritionist for personalized whole-person nutrition services. Click here to learn more about our nutrition services.

Chronic disease prevention and management
We treat a wide range of chronic conditions: obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, asthma, eczema and more. Click here for a list of conditions we treat.

Preventative health lifestyle assessment
Whether you have a health concern or not, take this comprehensive lifestyle assessment to learn whether you're living an optimal healthy lifestyle . Learn more and book an assessment here.

Weight management
Clinically-guided weight loss and management using non-drug, lifestyle-based approach. Learn more about our Your Best Weight Program here.

Beat Diabetes
Clinically-guided diabetes program using non-drug, evidence-based lifestyle-based approach. Learn more and register for our Beat Diabetes program here.

Blue Health program
Join a community-based doctor-guided lifestyle medicine program designed to help people with chronic health concerns adopt a lifestyle that optimizes health, longevity, disease prevention and reversal. Learn more and sign-up here.

Athletic performance and sports nutrition consultation

Lifestyle and nutrition consultation to optimize your athletic performance and fitness. Services include strength and conditioning counseling, nutrition consultation, laboratory test, lifestyle counseling and naturopathic treatments for conditions that may affect athletes. Learn more here.

Health support groups
Join a support group on your journey to wholeness. Join a group here.

In-home doctor visitations
Consultations and follow-up appointments in the comfort of your home.
Learn more here.

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