Episode 41: The Heart of the Matter (Part 2) - Is alcohol really good for your heart?

You’ve probably heard it said that alcohol’s good for the heart. However, new studies published in the Lancet are questioning this popular notion. In fact, the safest amount of alcohol might actually be zero. In this episode, Pathways’ Dr George Cho shares why abstinence from alcohol might be the best choice for heart health. You’ll also learn why its critical to start kids on a healthy lifestyle for optimal heart health. We end with the inspiring story of Adam Sud, who through plant-based nutrition and the other principles of lifestyle medicine, was able to reverse addiction, obesity and cardiovascular disease. Tune in!

This is part two of a health talk given by Pathways medical director Dr George Cho and Dr Shanny Chang, dentist at Junction Family Dental Care, presented at Lunch with the Doctor event in partnership with the Downsview Seventh-day Adventist Church in Toronto, Canada. Lunch with the Doctor is a free community event featuring delicious plant-based food and engaging health talks by doctors on lifestyle medicine.


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