Episode 27: What we can control about obesity (The Abstract #4)

There are many things about us and around us that may increase our risk for obesity: the genes we were dealt at birth, the number of fast food restaurants in our neighbourhood and the unhealthy foods sold at grocery stores. A recently published paper in JAMA suggest that even having a cesarean birth may possibly increase our risk for obesity later in life. Many of these we can’t control. But there is something we can: our lifestyle! We may not be able to control how we were born but we can choose to eat, move, love, work and sleep in a healthier way that will help us stay at a healthier weight.


Mode of delivery and childhood obesity: is there a cause for concern?

The Abstract is a special edition of the Lifestyle Is Medicine podcast where we explore a recently published peer-reviewed scientific paper so you can stay up-to-date on the latest research on how our lifestyle is medicine.

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