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Episode 37: Four other reasons to go plant-based (#2 Save the planet!)

Want to save the planet and fight climate change? Don't just switch to an electric car - go plant-based!

This is part 2 in our series on 4 other reasons why we should choose plant-based eating as recommended in lifestyle medicine. In our last episode we learned how plant-based eating is the compassionate choice for the animals we share this earth with and to reduce animal cruelty.

But it's not just animals who are suffering from the consequences of our meat-loving diets - it's the entire planet. The livestock industry is one of the biggest contributors of greenhouse emissions and environmental degradation. If we're serious about saving our planet, we need to get serious about what we put on our plates.


The EAT Lancet Commission on Food, Planet and Health

What if the whole world went vegan? (The Exam Room podcast)

Choose compassion through plants (

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