Whole-person lifestyle medicine-based nutrition in Toronto

Book an appointment with our Nutritionist who will work with you to develop personalized dietary advice to meet your healthy eating goals.


Personalized nutrition consultations and meal plans for your healthy eating goals


Our nutritionist works with our clinical team to help treat type 2 diabetes, excess weight, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other chronic conditions

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Why choose Pathways for your nutrition and healthy eating goals?

  • Compassionate whole-person approach to nutrition

  • We use evidence-based approaches: the latest science on lifestyle medicine and nutrition

  • Friendly and caring Naturopathic doctors and Nutritionist dedicated to selfless service

  • No industry ties: many dietitians and nutritionists are tied financially to food companies and other industry entities that may affect their ability to provide objective nutrition advice and truly put your health first. Our nutrition team has no industry ties because you deserve care that is objective and free from conflicts of interest.

  • Discounts available for students and people who are unemployed or on disability

  • Direct insurance billing

  • Affordable rates*

  • Convenient online and in-home follow-ups

* Many health benefits and insurance plans cover nutrition services. Check with your health benefits provider to see if you are covered


Our Primary Approach: Lifestyle Medicine

Our approach is simple yet powerful. We believe what a growing body of scientific evidence shows us: a healthy lifestyle is medicine. A healthy lifestyle doesn't only help prevent disease; it can also treat and even reverse disease. This type of medicine is effective, simple, inexpensive and has only positive side effects! Plant-based nutrition is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle and we are here to partner with you on your journey to a healthier diet.

Experience the lifestyle medicine difference!

Our Nutritionist can see you at our clinics, in your home or online!

North York Lifestyle Medicine Clinic

4150 Chesswood Drive, Toronto, Ontario, M3J2B9
Plenty of free parking. Wheel-chair accessible.
Nearest TTC: Sheppard West
Nearest major intersection: Dufferin and Sheppard


Junction Lifestyle Medicine Clinic

1 St Johns Rd #101, Toronto, ON M6P 1T7
Free parking along Clendenan Ave. Wheel-chair accessible
Nearest TTC: Dundas West or High Park
Nearest major intersection: Keele and Dundas West


Convenient in-home consultations available

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We do online consultations!

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If you have a question about our nutrition consultations, contact us!

Call or text us at: 647-853-3455, email at info@pathwaystowholeness.ca or message us by completing the form below.

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