#CompassionFridays is an event by Pathways to Wholeness' North York Lifestyle Medicine Clinic offering FREE initial consultations and assessments for new patients.

Important: #CompassionFridays are for NEW patients. If you are already a patient of the North York Lifestyle Medicine Clinic and want to book a follow-up appointment, please book here.


Note: Visit the North York Lifestyle Medicine Clinic online to learn more about our approach and modalities.

* Primary care
Naturopathic care for common illnesses and conditions.

* Chronic disease prevention and management
We treat the full range of chronic conditions: obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, asthma, eczema and more using naturopathic and lifestyle medicine.

* Preventative health lifestyle assessment
Whether you have a health concern or not, take this comprehensive lifestyle assessment to learn whether you're living an optimal healthy lifestyle . Learn more about  the assessment here.

* Weight management
Clinically-guided weight loss and management using non-drug, lifestyle-based approach

Have a question about #CompassionFridays? Contact us!