Pathways to Wholeness Lifestyle Medicine is a group of clinics in Toronto, Canada that promote wholistic health through the principles of lifestyle medicine.




Our vision is for every individual in our community to experience optimal wholistic health based on the principles of lifestyle medicine.  

Pathways aspires to be the leading centre in Toronto for advancing and providing lifestyle medicine.


Our Mission


We have a four-fold mission: 


- Provide patient-centred, whole-person naturopathic and lifestyle medicine clinical services -

- Prevent and treat chronic diseases using evidence-based lifestyle medicine -

- Promote optimal wholistic health and lifestyles through community health education, support groups and wellness programs -

- Advance lifestyle medicine in Canada - 

Lifestyle Medicine is revolutionizing our healthcare system. Join us in sparking a movement that will result in lower costs, improved outcomes and enhanced well-being.
— American College of Lifestyle Medicine
So many of our problems can be greatly resolved simply by deciding what to eat, this becoming the core of lifestyle medicine.
— T Colin Campbell, PhD

Our values


Wholistic health: Respecting every individual as a physical, mental and spiritual whole and promoting health in all these areas. 

Compassion: Serving with a deep sense of compassion towards those in our community.

Excellence: Exemplifying the highest standards of practice in all our operations: the care, education and services we provide. 

Selflessness: We exist to serve our patients and the community, prioritizing their needs above our own. 

Leadership: Serving as leaders in providing and advancing lifestyle medicine.