Lifestyle Is Medicine (LiM) is a casual plant-based community event featuring health talks by leading doctors, scientists and experts on how your lifestyle is medicine.

Vibrant health and wholeness does not begin with a pill, surgery or medical procedure. It begins with a healthy lifestyle. The way we eat, move, play, love and stress not only helps prevent disease but also treat and even potentially reverse today’s leading diseases like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension and obesity. This is what Lifestyle Is Medicine (LiM) is all about: learning the latest science on how a healthy lifestyle is medicine and practical ways you can make lifestyle changes towards better health, while trying some amazing plant-based food!

Why attend LiM?

  • Try delicious plant-based foods, including latest innovations in plant-based products

  • Learn how the way you eat, move, sleep, love and stress can help prevent, treat and even reversing today’s leading diseases

  • Learn the power of plant-based foods for promoting health and longevity

  • Gain practical tips and insights into how to make sustainable lifestyle changes

Who are the speakers?

At LiM, you’ll learn from the leading doctors, scientists, dietitians and other health professionals who are experts in nutrition and lifestyle medicine and passionate about helping you achieve a vibrant healthy lifestyle. The presentations are science-based, credible and practical.

Everyone welcome!

  • Family friendly (kids welcome!)

  • Accessible location

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