Hydrotherapy 101

For centuries, humans have been utilizing the healing properties of water to relax, de-stress, stimulate the immune system, regulate inflammation, promote circulation, digestion, and to support the healing of common maladies. Even today, health professionals and athletes continue this practice. Many of the therapies are simple treatments that can be performed right at home using towels, sheets, blankets with hot and cold water. 

This course will introduce you to some of these basic hydrotherapy treatments. 

The two sessions include:

Session 1: Constitutional hydrotherapy (1.5 hrs) 

Session 2: Sitz baths, headache protocol, and other simple treatments (1.5 hr) 


Total cost: $20   

Location: 4150 Chesswood Drive, Toronto, Ontario, M3J 2B9 (near Allen Road and Sheppard Ave West)

Upcoming sessions: 

  • Tuesday, Sept 11 & 18 (6 - 7:30pm)
  • Tuesday, Oct 2 & 9  (6 - 7:30pm)
  • Monday, Oct 29 & Nov 5  (6 - 7:30pm)

Limited spots available. Register below!

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