Constitutional hydrotherapy
An easy-to-follow step by step guide





Introduction: The following is a typical constitutional hydrotherapy protocol.

Uses:  Generally used to support digestion, the immune system, detoxification and address respiratory conditions like bronchitis. 

Contraindications:  acute asthma, potentially organ transplants, and if using a sine wave machine: infants, pacemakers, metal implants, open wounds, active hemorrhaging, during menses, pregnancy, across the brain, over the eye, on tumors, and in cases of a metastatic cancer. 

Potential side effects:  headache and fatigue. Using the sine wave at too high an intensity may result in muscle aching. 



  • Thermometer, stethoscope, blood pressure cuff  
  • 1 wool blanket   
  • 1 blanket  
  • 2 bed sheets  
  • 4 towels (3 for hot treatments, one for cold) (large size, enough to cover torso)
  • 1 towel (for drying)
  • Thick latex-free gloves (if available)

Personnel: Will require an assistant to administer the treatment. Constitutional hydrotherapy is challenging to do on ones self. 



  1. Table set-up: Place both bed sheets on table/bed. The top sheet should be enough to just cover  legs up to the waist. Put the blankets on top of the sheets. The wool sheet is the top-most blanket. 
  2. Take vitals (blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate) 

  3. Patient lies on back between the 2 sheets. The blanket is overtook. Females can put a dry towel over the chest. 

  4. Adjust sheets if necessary. The abdomen should be completely exposed. 

  5. Phase 1: Hot - 5 minutes

    Take the 2 largest and thickest towels. Fold each in half for a sum total of 4 layers. Completely soak towels in hot water and wring out well. While keeping them tightly wrapped, bring them to the treatment table. Place towels to completely cover the chest and abdomen. Pull blankets over the patient up to the neck.  Begin preparing another hot towel and the cold towel.

  6. Hot flip - transition

    As the end of the 5 minute hot phase approaches, lower the blanket and put the 3rd hot towel over the old hot towels and quickly flip the towels so that the new hot towel is now in contact with the body. This will apply fresh heat on the body. 

  7. Phase 2: Cold - 10 minutes

    Place cold towel on top of hot towel. Give the patient a warning and then quickly flip so that the cold towel is now in touch with the body. Cover with blankets. 

  8. Dry phase - 10 minutes

    After cold phase, remove the cold towel and quickly replace with a dry towel. 

  9. Patient changes position - prone

    After the dry phase, have patient turn over onto their stomach. Expose the back from the neck to the top of the buttocks. Towels for the back protocol will cover this exposed area of the body (neck to the top of the buttocks). 

  10. Hot phase - 5 minutes
  11. Hot flip
  12. Cold - 10 minutes
  13. Dry off patient
  14. Slowly raise patient up and have seated for at least a few minutes
  15. Re-take vital signs 


Recommended treatment schedule:  

  • Adults: 15 – 20 treatments, at 2-3x / week  
  • Children: 10 treatments, at 2x / week  
  • Most effective to schedule treatments close together in the week. Eg. Monday and Tuesday combination is preferable to Monday and Thursday each week.