a 6 week Medically-guided weight loss and management program and support group

YOUR BEST WEIGHT is a medically-guided comprehensive 6 week weight management program and support group. Using evidence-based lifestyle medicine and a combination of clinical care, education and social support, we partner with you on a journey towards reversing excess weight and obesity in a compassionate, supportive and safe environment.

This program is different from commercially-available weight programs. Many weight programs require you to buy expensive products, constantly visit the doctor, exercise excessively or severely restrict calories. These programs are expensive, foster dependence on products and doctors, and ultimately unsustainable in the long run.

Your Best Weight is different. No products and gimmicks. This program sticks to the science and is about empowering you with the knowledge, tools and resources to adopt a lifestyle that promotes healthy weight. We believe you shouldn’t be dependent on products, doctors or even us to be healthy. We want to empower you so you can achieve your best weight and pursue your life aspirations and what’s most important to you. This is what this program is all about.

Visit the  American College of Lifestyle Medicine  or click  here  to learn more about lifestyle medicine

Visit the American College of Lifestyle Medicine or click here to learn more about lifestyle medicine

Our approach: Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle medicine uses evidence-based lifestyle therapeutic approaches  to prevent, treat and often times even reverse many of the leading chronic diseases of today, including obesity. 

YOUR BEST WEIGHT  focuses on empowering participants to adopt a lifestyle that they can live with and that will help them lose weight and keep it off over the long-term. 

The Program

Purpose: Empower participants to experience wholeness and realize their life aspirations by reversing excess weight using lifestyle medicine


  • Comprehensive approach that covers all 6 focus areas of lifestyle medicine (plant-based nutrition, physical activity, stress management, sleep, relationships and risky substance use)

  • Continuously updated to reflect latest evidence and best practices in bariatric care

  • Clinic staff committed to compassionate and quality care

  • Complimentary access to follow-up programs and support, including My Best Weight support group, Vegan Kickstarter and other Pathways support groups.

Who can be involved?
Restricted to those with excess weight.
This is to create a safe, supportive space for individuals on their collective health and weight-management journeys.

Program Cost

Total - $400
Initial instalment - $250
Final instalment - $150 (at end of program) 

*This program is eligible for reimbursement under many health insurance and benefits plans that cover naturopathic, weight management or lifestyle.*

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