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(For those accompanying a family member or friend who is participating in the Blue Health Program)

Thank you for choosing to support your friend and family during the Blue Health Program. We look forward to partnering together on a journey to wholeness. Please note, as a secondary participant, you will get access to: all meals, lectures, and the program. But you will not get access to any discussions with the doctors, physical assessments, and lab work up. Any information shared will only be reviewed by the staff medical doctor, naturopathic doctor and nutritionist and will be kept strictly confidential.

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I understand that as a secondary participant, I am there to support the primary participant during the Blue Health program. I get access to all meals, and the lecture, but will not get to consult with the medical staff, will not get access to any lab work and physical assessments.
I understand that the registration fee must be paid in order to secure my spot in the program. - Blue Health North York - $80 - Blue Health Peteborough - $80
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Who are you accompanying?
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